Afiera D'Xor

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"Afiera D’xor spent many, many years of solitude in these mountains, and now devotes his life to his art. His stone carvings are intricate designs of mathematical perfection. He will make time, however, to entertain travelers who hope to share some of the wisdom he has gained from a life of secluded meditation."

Afiera D'Xor is located at: The Home of the Wise Man

Pupil quest[edit]

To be able to buy his spells, you'll need to finish a pupil quest for him:

You say, "I want to be your pupil."

Afiera D'xor tells you, "I can teach you the little I know of the mystical arts, but I need a favor. I urgently need to get this book to <NPC>, but am reluctant to approach him. You see, <NPC> is of late afflicted by some unwholesome force which seems to feed off human energy. I know no more than to be in <NPC>'s presence is likely to have some terrible effect on you. Make your meeting brief and perhaps you can avoid these effects."

Now move to the mentioned NPC and give him the item which could be one of these: Potion, Vial of Saccaqua and Book.

<NPC> tells you, "Thank you, <PLAYER>. I hope that this <ITEM> will help me dispel the force of which you were warned. Go now, unless you wish to be so afflicted as well."

Now move back to Afiera.

You say, "Hello."

Afiera D'xor tells you, "Ah, you have returned from your errand, <PLAYER>. You have done well. I hope you have not suffered too greatly from your contact with <NPC>. I understand the effects are only temporary. Nevertheless, you have proved yourself worthy of my teachings. Come back when you want to learn the "dement"spell ."

Items sold[edit]

Afiera D'Xor does not sell any items.

Abilities sold[edit]