The Underworld

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The Underworld.png

You'll enter The Underworld whenever you were killed. To activate the portals you need to 'use' the braziers right next to them.


  • 1: Entrance to Yonder Inn of Jasper (Jasper)
  • 2: Entrance to The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern (Marion]
  • 3: Entrance to Brownestone Inn (Barloque)
  • 4: Entrance to Cibilo Creek Inn (Cor Noth)
  • 5: Entrance to Familiars (Tos)
  • 6: Mana Node. To make it appear you'll need to solve the brazier riddle. All braziers, standing each next to (1) - (5), need to be be enlightened at the same time for the node to show up. For more help you may want to use the tool UNode95. The node only appears for a short time and looks like another portal. DO NOT MOVE INTO THE PORTAL! Right click it and press 'use' instead.
  • 7: Random portal to any of the previously mentioned inns.


No NPCs found here.


No creatures seem to live here.