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* [[Lives in::Under the shadow of the Sentinel]]
* [[Lives in::Under the shadow of the Sentinel]]
* [[Lives in::The Cragged Mountains]]
* [[Lives in::The Cragged Mountains]]
* [[Lives in::The Winding Caverns]]
* [[Lives in::Winding Caverns]]

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Black Spider.png
"Once thought to be a creature made up to frighten children, the black spider is said to be a product of evil sorcery, an unwholesome melding of human and insect. Its origin, however, is different depending on the story. In some, it is the fate of some poor soul who crossed a dark mage. In others, the dark spider is an evil mage transformed in return for longevity. All the old tales, however, warn travellers to beware of this malignant creature's extraordinaryily poisonous bite."


  • Poisons you with a strong poison.
  • Karma: -70
  • Maximum reachable hit points: 80


Randomly drops potions, magical rings and

Found in[edit]