Assassin's Game

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The Assassin's Game is a 'safe' murderer game. You are not marked as a murderer when killing the participants using the Black Dagger. To participate the game you'll need to visit Roq and interact with him. While standing next to him you are able to use the following commands:

  • You say, "Please advertise to me whenever the next game starts." Roq will tell you when the next game starts.
  • You say, "I wish no advertise anymore." Roq will not tell you anymore when the next game starts.
  • You say, "Please, give me a blade." Roq gives you a Black Dagger.
  • You say, "I want to quit the game." Roq takes the Black Dagger and you're out of the game.

Rules of engagement:

  • You are only allowed to attack with the Black Dagger
  • You are only allowed to attack the mentioned person on your Black Dagger
  • You are allowed to defend yourself when attacked, using the Black Dagger
  • You win the game after you've killed all other participants
  • Logging out of the game while not all gems are active, you'll lose the game and the blade
  • The game ends after 3 days incase noone got killed

The Black Dagger explained[edit]

Black Dagger.png

The description of the dagger shows you how your current state is. There are four shining gems located on your blade. If you get hit by another player's blade, one gem is removed for each hit. If all four gems are gone you'll die and lose the game. The gems are regained each 5 minutes if not being attacked in the meantime.

You are only allowed to attack the player being mentioned in your blade's description, initially there is no name shown.