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If you become a member of a faction you will get certain benefits:

  • Increases to spell powers
  • Increases in weapon to-hit and damage
  • Defense bonuses
  • Better pricing on NPCs
  • Faster increases while learning abilities

Please read the following articles for the benefits of each faction.

Available factions[edit]

Joining a faction[edit]

You need to achieve the following before you're able to join factions:

There are two ways to join a faction.

  • Move to the faction leader and ask him to join the faction. He will give you a quest then.
    You say, "May I join you?"
  • Hand in an artifact to the faction leader.

Becoming a soldier[edit]

You are able to be a soldier when having the following requirements:

  • Must be in a faction
  • You need at least 75 Hit Points

To become a soldier you need to talk to your liege:

  • You say, "I want to be a soldier."

Your liege will then ask you to do a favor. After returning and talking again he'll ask you for another favor. After your task is done you'll get a soldier shield. Beware that you can be attacked by any other faction soldier when you're a soldier.

Soldier shields and their benefits[edit]

Soldier shields give you some benefits, depending on your faction and how's your current standing in that faction. You may increase your standing by killing enemy faction soldiers. Initially, you'll become 'an average soldier'.


  • You can wear the shield while using your bow, you'll simply put it on your back.
  • No more loyality runs to your liege.
  • Does not need to be repaired.


  • You are not anymore able to wear other shields, for example herald shields having school emblems.

Rank Duke Akardius
Akardius Soldier Shield.png
Jonas D'Accor
D'Accor Soldier Shield.png
Princess Kateriina
Kateriina Soldier Shield.png
"A lowly peon" no bonus no bonus no bonus
"An average soldier"
"A noteable fighter"
+3 Stamina
+3 Agility
+3 Might
+3 Aim
+3 Mysticism
+3 Intellect
"A great warrior"
"A supreme hero"
+5 Stamina
+5 Agility
+5 Might
+5 Aim
+5 Mysticism
+5 Intellect

The flag game[edit]

Certain areas contain flagpoles, showing up who's currently owning the area. You'll see the faction flags raised there. You are able to attack the area by picking up a flag infront of your faction leader, then go to the flagpole and 'use' it. The following rules apply:

  • The player must not leave the area for at least 5 minutes
  • The player must not loose the flag
  • The player needs to wear a soldier shield (be a soldier)
  • There must not be another conquering attempt
  • You can only conquer areas next to an already conquered area
  • At least 20 players need to be logged in
  • There need to be at least four members of your faction in the area

Artifacts and Councilors[edit]

Councilors are able to support your faction, when they become believers in your liege. You can raise their standings by returning their artifacts if they are gone. To find out which artifact is missing, ask your liege a few times for it:

  • You say, "Is there any artifact missing?"

Your liege will tell you which ones are missing, and where they have been seen lately. The locations are not absolutely accurate, you should ask several times before you start moving.

  • You need to have at least 40HPs to be able to pick up an artifact.
  • You are not able to hold anything in your hands while transporting an artifact
  • Soldiers are not able to hold artifacts
  • Death whilst having an artifact in your hands does not cause any death penalties

To find out how's the standing of a specific coucilor, ask your liege about the person:

  • You say, "How is Alzahakar standing to us?"

There are four states for each councilor:

  • Is a weak believer
  • Is a dedicated believer
  • Is a strong believer
  • Follows Shal'ille (doesn't believe at all)

Available councilors and their artifacts:

Name You get an extra faction increase when.. Artifact
Alzahakar ... you've got one school at level 5 Runed Coffer
Bei Naq ... you've got at least 10.000 shillings in your inventory Jeweled Egg
Cylill ... you've got Weaponcraft at level 5 Jade Cat
Drechx ... you've got at least 85 Hit Points Demon Skull
Esseldi ... you've got at least 65 Mana Crystal Sphere