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Guilds are basically a group of players with the same interest. Being a guild's member enables you to access guild halls, which can be a secure place against player killers or enemy guild players. Also, guild halls may offer every member a shared storage (chests).

Forming a guild[edit]

To be able to form a guild you will need some Shillings in your inventory, you must not be a member of another guild and you need two other players to join your new guild within the next 36 hours. All of these players, including you, need to stay online for 3 more hours (normal guild) or 6 hours (secret guild) until the guild becomes legal. If any of this fails, the guild will disband.

Visit Frular[edit]

Frular in The Guildmaster's Hall, located in South Barloque is the guild registrar. He will gladly create a new guild for you. Visit him and use your 'buy' hotkey, or simply write 'buy' into your chat bar. Once the guild has been created, you can manage it using the 'Guild' option in the game client's menu.

Guild basic configuration[edit]

Guild Creation Screen 1.jpg

This lets you define the guild rank names each member can obtain. It also lets you choose whether the guild shall be a secret one.

Guild ranks Roles Limit
1st rank (highest) Has all powers associated with guilding, including the right to disband the guild. 1
2nd rank May vote, invite new members in, kick unruly members out, promote or demote people of lower ranks than themselves, and form or shatter alliances. They may also rent a guild hall if their guild is mature. 2
3rd rank Have the ability to vote and invite new members into the guild.
4th rank Only have the ability to vote.
5th rank Have no special abilities, other than to vote for the leader of their choice. They may not even open the outer doors of their own guild hall.

Creation costs[edit]

Guild type Cost
Common guild (visible to all) 5000 Shilling
Secret guild (invisible to all) 7500 Shilling

Guild management[edit]

You can access your guild's details from the 'Guild' menu entry of your game client.

Managing memberships[edit]

Guild Edit Screen Membership.jpg

On the memberships page you can edit your members and their ranks. Also, you're able to 'vote' for a member to be the new guild master, disband members and hand over your rank to another member.


Guild Edit Screen Alliances.jpg

You can define other guilds to be allies of yours or to be enemies. Members of a hostile guild may be attacked while the guild is defined as an enemy. Being a member of an allied guild enables you to use the other guild's Guild Halls, and the other guild may use yours. An alliance is valid if both of the guilds accept the other party as an ally.

Inviting players[edit]

Guild Edit Screen Invites.jpg

The invitation screen let's you choose a player you would want to invite. This player must be in the same room as you, must not have left a guild short before and have at least 30 Hit Points. Only one invite may be done at one time. Once you sent the invite, the new applicant gets an Invitation letter. Once he uses this letter, he joined the guild successfully. The invitation is only valid for 5 minutes.

Guild master overview[edit]

Guild Edit Screen Guildmaster.jpg

The guild master overview enables you to disband your guild and have a look into your Guild Hall details.

Herald Shields[edit]

Guild Edit Screen Herald Shields.jpg

The shield overview let's you define your guild's Herald Shield look and it's colors.

Guild cost calculation[edit]

Frular gadly accepts Shillings from every member to keep the guild up and running. The guild's rent is managed by himself and he will remove the costs each 6 minutes from the account. Calulation of the guild cost is as follows:

Base cost (normal guild) 5 - (0.5 * No. of Alliance guilds) + (1 * No. of Enemy guilds)
Base cost (secret guild) 15 - (0.5 * No. of Alliance guilds) + (1 * No. of Enemy guilds)
Overall cost (each 6 minutes) (Guild hall cost per day / 240) + Member count + Base cost
Overall cost per day Overall cost * 240


  • Guild has 17 members
  • Guild is secret
  • Guild has 2 allies
  • Guild has 1 enemy
  • Guild hall costs 9600 Shillings per day
Calculation Base cost: 15 - (0.5*2) + (1*1) = 17 Shillings
Calculation Overall Cost (per 6 minutes): 9600 / 240 + 17 + 17 = 74 Shillings
Calculation Overall Cost (per day): 74*240 = 17760 Shillings