How to identify an enchanted weapon

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You can loot enchanted items from Creatures.


Some of the weapon descriptions reflect the potency of the enchantment. These can be (beginning from weakest):

Slight -> Small -> Moderate -> Solid -> Severe -> Swift -> Potent -> Damaging -> Prominent

List of enchantments[edit]

Here's how you can determine what effect they've got:

Description Effect
The weapon seems to reek of malevolence. Qor enchanted weapon.
This weapon has been dedicated to Kraanan's glory. Kraanan enchanted weapon.
The weapon glows with a pure, white light. Shal'Ille enchanted weapon.
The craftsmanship of this <item> is admirable, obviously the result of hundreds of hours of work by expert hands. Is more durable than a common weapon.
Beautiful and ornate, this weapon is obviously unsuitable for blood combat, though it might provide a <modifier> edge in games and tourneys. Adds a damage bonus in arena fights.
Colhorr's signature is engraved on the handle of this weapon. This weapon looks to provide a <modifier> - in the right hands. Adds a damage bonus.
An unholy glow seems to suck all life from the air around the weapon. You need at least -50 Karma to be able to wear it. Casts Vampiric Drain.
Q's insignia is emblazoned on the metal of the weapon. Casts Blind.
A glow that can only be described as Zjiriaesqe surrounds the weapon. Casts Hold.
A swirling green 'GMT' is stamped into the pommel. Casts Vertigo.
A thin coating of acid covers the length of the blade. Casts Acid Touch.
It is icy cold to the touch. Casts Icy Fingers.
It is hot to the touch. Casts Touch of Flame.
The sign of Psychochild is engraved on the weapon. Casts Purge.
Mocker's signature flamboyantly emblazons the pommel. Casts Bonk.
Nearly invisible currents run the length of the blade. Casts Shocking Fury.
Mystical energy flits about this weapon. Casts either: Dement, Evil Twin, Forget, Invisibility, Mark of Dishonor, Swap.
Glows in a soft white light. Stays in inventory even after you died.
It glows softly like a torch. Enlightens the area. Similar to a Torch.