Loaf of Bread

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Loaf of Bread.png

"This sweet smelling bread is a specialty of Tos although it can be found throughout the land. The baker is said to infuse the dough with magical elderberry, although none know for certain."


Sold by[edit]

NPCLocated at
Eric d'JornRaza Pub
MeideiThe Bhrama & Falcon
Moxal ix'HanakKo'catan, the Island Settlement
Oxal ix'TokakThe Barking Monster
PietroPietro's Wicked Brews
TovaThe Limping Toad Inn and Tavern

Dropped by[edit]

Chyup-Tewee Faction Warrior
Dragonfly Queen
Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet Avar Shaman
Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet Avar Warrior
Peet-Seeeep Avar Shaman
Peet-Seeeep Avar Warrior