Meridian 59 client keys

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The following guide explains the default key bindings for the client.

Key binding Description
w Move forward
s Move backward
LEFT Turn left
RIGHT Turn Right
a Slide to the left
d Slide to the right
SHIFT Trigger running (hold key while using the movement keys)
PAGE UP Look upwards
PAGE DOWN Look Downwards
HOME Reset looking
END Flip (turn 180°)
c Toggle Mouse navigation
f <text> Short command for saying something (Players in the area will read that).
ENTER Toggle your chat bar
t <name> <text> Tell a player (<name>) some <text>. Only the player receives the message.
y <texxt> Yell out some <text>. Players in the surrounding areas will read that.
b <text> Broadcast a <text>. Player on the whole server will read that. Keep in mind that broadcasting uses your mana.
CTRL + w Opens up the 'Who is in Meridian' dialog, showing the players being online
e <text> Does an emote with <text>. For example: '<player name> sneezes.'
SPACE OPens doors.
g Pick up what's infront of you. If more than one item is in reach, a selection dialog opens up.
l Inspect what's in your view corridor. Opens up a selection dialog when more than one thing is near.
MOUSE RIGHT CLICK Examine whatever you've been hovering over.
CTRL + o Offer something to an NPC or another player.
CTRL + b Buy something off a NPC
SHIFT + d Deposit something (into chests or into a banker).
SHIFT + w Withdraw something (off a chest or a banker).
e Attack your target or what's infront of you.
] Select next target
[ Select previous target
ESC Clear your target
q Target yourself
TAB Switch the active game client section (switch to chat, main view, inventory, etc.)
SHIFT + TAB Switch the active game client section, backwards (switch to chat, main view, inventory, etc.)
MOUSE LEFT CLICK Target the entity you've been hovering over.
SHIFT + m Open/Close Map in main view
NUM + Zoom in (map)
NUM - Zoom out (map)