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This guide explains details about your character's statistics.


  • Determines how good you can avoid hits when fighting.


  • Defines how fast you hit.
  • Bow skills and some other weapon skills are based on Aim.

Hit Point[edit]

Defines how much points are left until you die. You maximum hit points increase when you're killing the appropiate Creatures for a while. The maximum amount of hit points is soft-capped. You can reach 150 HPs but raising it effectively depends on your stamina and can be calculated as follows:

Stamina * 3 = Softcap for hit points


Important for Mages.

  • Defines how fast you learn spells and songs.
  • Most Riija and Jala abilities are based on Intellect.


  • Defines how good or evil your character currently is.
  • Karma is lowered / raised by killing certain Creatures.
  • The higher your Karma, the higher level spells of Shal'ille you can cast.
  • The lower your Karma, the higher level spells of Qor you can cast.
  • Some monsters will attack you automatically (or not..) when having a certain amount of Karma.


The amount of magical energy you've got to use on spells. For more informaation, please read Mana Node.


Important for Warriors. Most of the Weaponcraft skills are based on Might.

  • Defines how much you can carry: The formula is '50 * Might'.
  • Most Weaponcraft soft-caps are based on Might.
  • Calculates into the base damage done with weapons.


  • Defines how much mana you can gain per Mana Node.
  • Defines how fast you can regain Mana.
  • Most of Faren, Shal'ille and Qor spells are based on Mysticism.


  • Defines how much your maximum hit points will be.
  • Defines how fast you regain vigor and hit points.


  • Significantly matters on how fast your character will regain HP and Mana.
  • Best is to stay at 200 for fights of any kind.
  • Spells and weapon skills mostly need a certain amount of Vigor.
  • Can be raised by eating edible Items, for example Wheel of Cheese or Mug of Stout.