Tepal ix'Zonak

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Tepal ix'Zonak.png

"Tepal’s quick, furtive eyes give away the abundant and nervous energy which occupies him. Something about him tells you that he has good reason to be nervous."

Tepal ix'Zonak is located at: The Crooked Hem Garment Shop

changing your outfit's look[edit]

  • You say, "Tepal, please give me a new look!" This lets you change your look into different colors, repeat as necessary.
  • You say, "Tepal, I really like the look of a <CREATURE>!" Where CREATURE can be the following:
    • Dark Blue --> Fey Dirhai
    • Green --> Kriipa
    • Light Blue --> Yeti
    • Orange --> Dragonfly Queen
    • Red --> Mutant Ant
    • White --> Fey Elhai
    • Yellow --> Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet Avar Warrior

Items sold[edit]

You need to talk to him first before he will offer you these items:

Say "precious stones" to Tepal to be able to buy:

Abilities sold[edit]

Tepal ix'Zonak does not sell any abilities.