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The UMT 5.0.1 is another nice add on to the game client, but it is german only. The following features are contained:

  • F-key manager. Use F-keys to automate chat messages.
  • DAPEC: Schools manager for your character, automatically detects skill/spell/song %-increases and adds them to your profile. It also knows when you have reached the minimal requirements to join the school's next level.
  • MPH: Counts the %-increases possible for the game's time limit.
  • U-Node: Calculator for the underworld node.
  • KL-Calc: Calculates how much intellect your character may need for achieving the selected schools.
  • Bannercreator: Create your own colorful text messages/banners.


You can download the tool here.

Install instructions[edit]

Simply unzip the downloaded file to any location on your computer, then execute the setup file. This installs the UMT to your computer.