Xacal ko'Ixca

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"As the one of the highest ranking officers in the Ko’catan Army, Xacal ko’Ixca is a veteran of many campaigns. His peacetime duties include supervising the main gatehouse during the night hours against actions by enemies unknown, and since this is a time of relative peace part of Xacal ko’Ixca’s duties consist of defining just who those enemies are. He is widely respected for his toughness and ability to get results."

Xacal ko'Ixca is located at: The East Tower, at the night shift.

You can bribe him with 1000 shillings. He'll let you pass through then, even when having more than one armor/weapon in inventory.

Items sold[edit]

Xacal ko'Ixca does not sell any items.

Abilities sold[edit]

Xacal ko'Ixca does not sell any abilities.