Jonas D'Accor

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"As front-line grunt and later a wise general, Jonas D'Accor has fought every manner of evil that has besieged the Meridian cities. Despite that, he has lost the position of Weapon's Master to Rook and the esteemed seat on the Meridian Council to Cylill. He fancies himself far superior to both, particularly when it comes to strategy and tactics, considering both men to be simple brawlers. In truth, his swordplay is merely adequate, though his tactics are superb."

Jonas D'Accor is located at: Pietro's Wicked Brews

Faction leader[edit]

Jonas D'Accor is a faction leader. His faction gives you the following benefits:

  • Grants a melee to hit bonus.
  • Grants a melee damage bonus.
  • Grants a bonus to learning of Weaponcraft skills.
  • Grants a regeneration bonus to Hit Points.

Items sold[edit]

Jonas D'Accor does not sell any items.

Abilities sold[edit]

Facts about "Jonas D'Accor"
Located atPietro's Wicked Brews +
Sells AbilityBlock (500) +, Dispel Illusion (4,000) +, Free Action (2,000) +, Glow (500) +, Haste (1,000) +, Identify (2,000) +, Resist Poison (1,000) +, Reveal (8,000) +, Shatterlock (16,000) + and Shroud (2,000) +