Parrin Aragone

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"Parrin is widely known across the land, but rarely spoken of favorably. Although extremely gifted with the lyre, this traveling minstrel's lyrics and puns habitually bring groans of disgust from those who are forced to listen. Rumor has it that Paddock has threatened to kill Parrin should he ever set foot in Familiars again. For a generous tip, he may sing of your exploits. For a bigger tip, he may even leave."

Parrin Aragone is located at: Cor Noth, The Chambers of Duke Akardius, The Bhrama & Falcon, Pietro's Wicked Brews, The Assembly Chamber

You are able to get a Prism as a reward if you run courier mission for Parrin.

Pupil quest[edit]

To be able to buy any songs off Parrin, you'll need to do a pupil quest:

You say, "I want to be your pupil"

Parrin Aragone tells you, "Are you truly ready to learn the magic of songs of Jala? If so you must prove your devotion to the arts. I would like you to try out your voice. Go to <NPC> and sing a song. Any song you wish. Then come back to me and let me know how it went."

Do an emote by typing: "e sings." near the mentioned NPC.

<NPC> tells you, "By my troth, that is awful. Did Parrin send thee? Tell him to train thy voice, <PLAYER>"

Now return to Parrin.

You say, "Hello."

Parrin Aragone tells you, "Ah, you have returned. What did they think of your song? Good or bad?"

You say, "It has been bad."

Parrin Aragone tells you, "Oh well, we shall work on that. Now open your mind to the ways of Jala; I shall train your voice, if you are willing."

Prism quest[edit]

You say, "Do you need a courier?"

You may be rewarded with a Prism or shillings.

Items sold[edit]

Parrin Aragone does not sell any items.

Abilities sold[edit]