Priestess Qerti'nya

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"Qerti’nya is very judgmental of the strength of those who come before her. Blood and hellfire are the tools of this priestess, for only the strong and good meaning deserve to live. She is quick to make accusations or statements. Although she delivers a powerful sermon, she is likely to go out drinking with the men after it is over."

Priestess Qerti'nya is located at: The Temple of Kraanan

Disciple quest[edit]

To be able to buy the level 3+ spells you'll need to do a disciple quest for the priestess:

You say, "I want to be a disciple."

Priestess Qerti'nya tells you, "You have two hours in which to kill <CREATURE>. Go immediately. Return and tell me when you are done."

You killed <CREATURE>.

Now return to the priestess.

You say, "Hello."

Priestess Qerti'nya tells you, "You have done well. You are a worthy follower. Perhaps it is you who will crack the stone around Kraanan's soul. Seek me when you wish to learn more of his ways and his spells."

Items sold[edit]

Priestess Qerti'nya does not sell any items.

Abilities sold[edit]

Facts about "Priestess Qerti'nya"
Located atThe Temple of Kraanan +
Sells AbilityAnti-Magic Aura (16,000) +, Armor of Gort (8,000) +, Bless (1,000) +, Create Food (500) +, Create Weapon (500) +, Discordance (4,000) +, Eagle Eyes (4,000) +, Enchant Weapon (1,000) +, Killing Fields (8,000) +, Mana Bomb (4,000) +, Night Vision (2,000) +, Relay (500) +, Resist Magic (8,000) + and Super Strength (1,000) +