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Guild halls are areas that serve Guilds as a meeting point. They also contain Chests to store items for the guild members. They can be attacked by enemy guilds.

Available guild halls[edit]

 Initial CostDaily cost
Jaarba's Abode25,0006,000
Konima's Abandoned Dwelling40,0009,600
Mercenary Alley20,0004,800
The Abandoned Warehouse5,0001,200
The Bookmaker's Guild House25,00012,000
The Den of Shadows40,0009,600
The Hall of Explorers25,0006,000
The Hall of the Slaughtered Command40,0009,600
The Ivory Chapel20,0004,800
The Old Dwarven Hall30,0007,200
The Sewer Hideout15,0003,600
The Wryn's Keep50,00012,000
The home of the Friends of the Forest25,0006,000
West Tower Guild Hall in Ko'catan40,0009,600