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Non-player characters (NPCs) in Meridian 59 give out quests, buy and sell items, and some are able to teach things.

Complete list of NPCs[edit]

NameLocated at
Afiera D'XorThe Home of the Wise Man
AlzahakarThe Hermit's Hut
Bahal zax'OtHut of the Mad Scientist
Bei NaqThe King's Way
Bone PriestessLair of the Bone Priestess
CaramoOffice of the Justicar
Cital ko'MancaThe East Tower
ColhorrYe Olde Slasher Salesman
CylillSource of the River Ille
D'FrancoCibilo Creek Inn
DrechxOutside Castle Victoria
Duke AkardiusThe Chambers of Duke Akardius
Eric d'JornRaza Pub
EsseldiDruid Hills
Fehr'loi QuanThe Royal Blacksmith of Barloque
FrisconarFrisconar's Mysticals
FrularThe Guildmaster's Hall
Hanla zax'TaThe Bowmaker's Hut
HerbutteThe Sparkling Stone Shop
Hester GilkThe Spindle and the Spinster
Huital ko'NosakThe Hungry Vaults
Itzal cha'NosakThe Hungry Vaults
Ixla cha'TotlakThe Chimney House
IzzioThe Temple of Shal'ille
West Merchant Way through Ilerian Woods
Main gate of Barloque
The King's Way
Lake of Jala's Song
JoguerJoguer's Herbs and Roots
Jonas D'AccorPietro's Wicked Brews
Kochtal ko'TulcaThe Hall of Heroes West
Lady AftynLady Aftyn's Sanctuary
LadyPhoenixThe Forest Shrine
MadeliaMadelia's Fine Peacockeries
MalevalFrisconar's Mysticals
The Chambers of Duke Akardius
The Courtyard of Blackstone Keep
The Temple of Qor
MarcusRaza Inn
MeideiThe Bhrama & Falcon
MirianaThe Hills
Off the beaten Path
The Twisted Wood
North Quilicia Wood
Monk of RiijaThe Temple of Riija
MorriganThe Limping Toad Inn and Tavern
Moxal ix'HanakKo'catan, the Island Settlement
Obert Cair'breOffice of the Barloque Vaultman
Oxal ix'TokakThe Barking Monster
Pacal ix'AnoakThe Neglected Arsenal
Parrin AragoneCor Noth
The Chambers of Duke Akardius
The Bhrama & Falcon
Pietro's Wicked Brews
The Assembly Chamber
PietroPietro's Wicked Brews
Priestess Qerti'nyaThe Temple of Kraanan
Priestess Tenuv'vyalThe Badlands
Priestess XianaThe Temple of Shal'ille
Priestess ZuxanaThe Temple of Qor
Princess KateriinaThe Assembly Chamber
PritchettBrownestone Inn
Queen Venya'cyrInner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr
QuetzalThe Hall of Heroes East
QuintorQuintor's Smithy
Ran'er HothMarion
RaviRavi's Magicks of Raza
Rodric d'StaneRaza Hut
RookThe Weapon Master's Abode
RoqA shadowy corner
RycksherThe Duke's Grand Ballroom
SkivlatFirst Royal Bank of Tos
SolomonSolomon's Edibles
TendrathThe Cragged Mountains
Ukgoth, Holy Land of Trolls
Upstairs in Castle Victoria
The Badlands
Tepal ix'ZonakThe Crooked Hem Garment Shop
The GoadGoad's Grinder
The WatcherThe Arena of Kraanan
TomasRaza Blacksmith
TovaThe Limping Toad Inn and Tavern
Widow QesinoYonder Inn of Jasper
Wulfgang zax'AkThe Remote Trading Post of Wulfgang zax'Ak
Xacal ko'IxcaThe East Tower
YevitanThe Royal Bank of Jasper
Zala ix'MecyaTwo Lizards Magic Shop
Zhieu B'hobGeneral Store of Jasper