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The following guide describes the chat commands and their different ways how to interact with them.

Basic commands[edit]

  • e sneezes loud.
    This lets you make an emote each player can read in your area.
    Result: 'Carmelia Truesong sneezes loud.'
  • s I am cold.
    Lets you say something to other players in your area
    Result: 'Carmelia Truesong says, "I am cold."'
  • t <another player> Hello how are you?
    Tells <another player> a text in private. Only the other player can read this.
    Result: 'Carmelia Truesong tells you, "Hello how are you?"'
  • y yay, I found an artifact!
    Yells out some text, everyone in the area and beneath the area can read this.
    Result: 'Carmelia Truesong yells, "yay, I found an artifact!"'
  • b Hello, server!
    Broadcasts a text all over the server.
    Result: 'Carmelia Truesong broadcasts, "Hello, server!"'

Interaction commands[edit]

Player / NPC interaction[edit]

  • get
    Pick up an item.
  • drop
    drop an item.
  • offer
    Offer an item to NPC or player
  • buy
    Buy an item off a NPC
  • put
    Put an item into a nearby chest


  • wave
    Makes you wave.
  • point
    Makes you point at someone.
  • happy
    Makes you look happy.
  • sad
    Makes you look sad.
  • neutral
    Makes you look neutral.
  • wry
    Makes you look wry.

Character interaction[edit]

  • rest
    Makes you sit down to regain Vigor
  • stand
    Lets you stand up.
  • cast <spell name>
    Casts the spell, beware that you need to add quotation marks around the spellname, if it got white spaces inbetween. Ex.: cast "dispel illusion"

Open dialogs[edit]

  • alias
    Opens up the F-key bindings dialog
  • who
    Opens up the who is online dialog.
  • map
    Opens up the map in main view.
  • mail
    Opens up the mail dialog.
  • help
    Opens up the help page.

Bank commands[edit]

For each of the bankers, there are different commands available to manage your money. Keep in mind that you do not 'say' the commands. just type them into the chat bar:

  • Deposit <value>: Deposits your money to the bank.
  • Withdraw <value>: Banker will give you the value of money, as long as there's enough balance.
  • Balance: Banker will tell you how much money you've got in his bank.

For item banks there are no special commands. You can put items into the bank using the 'offer' command, and get them back using the 'buy' command.

Coloring your text[edit]

There is a way to color up your text in different ways. You will need to add preceding commands infront of the to-be-colored text. The following commands are available:

  • ~n: resets your text to normal
  • ~I: makes your text go italic
  • ~U: makes your text go underlined
  • ~B: makes your text go bold
  • ~b: makes your text go blue
  • ~g: makes your text go green
  • ~r: makes your text go red
  • ~k: makes your text go black


  • s ~II am italic while ~gI am italic and green while ~n~rI am normal red while ~B~b~II am italic, bold and black
    Result: I am italic while I am italic and green while I am normal red while I am italic, bold and black