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"Quintor is widely recognized as the finest weaponsmith in the land. He is also recognized as a quiet, brooding man who keeps to himself. Take that as you will."

Quintor is located at: Quintor's Smithy

Pupil quest[edit]

To be able to buy Scimitar Wielding from him you'll need to finish a pupil quest:

You say, "I want to learn Scimitar Wielding."

Quintor says, "I can teach you scimitar wielding, but first you must prove your worth as a pupil."

You say, "I want to be your pupil."

Quintor tells you, "So you are a warrior? Ha! Don't look like much of a warrior to me. Before I will spend my time teaching you the valuable ways of the scimitar, you must prove yourself by slaying a Cave Orc. Do this and return to me."

You killed the Cave Orc.

Now return to Quintor.

You say, "May I be your pupil, now?"

Quintor tells you, "That took long enough. I do not like to be kept waiting so long. With this extra time I have decided that you must slay a Yeti now. This time do not waste so many strokes with that...weapon. Go now."

You killed the Yeti.

Return to Quintor once again.

You say, "May I be your pupil, now?"

Quintor tells you, "You again! I thought the underworld had taken you. What was it that I asked of you? Oh yes, you were to slay a Yeti. Go do that and I will teach you. No arguing now. Go now or we shall both grow old and die before you can learn the majesty of the scimitar. Slay another Yeti."

You killed the Yeti.

Finally return to Quintor, again.

You say, "May I be your pupil, now?"

Quintor tells you, "Finally. The first thing I must teach you is to snap to it. Come to me and we shall begin to learn how to effectively use the greatest weapon in the land: the scimitar."

Items sold[edit]

Abilities sold[edit]