Sword of Riija

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Sword of Riija.png

"Before your very eyes, dark and weird runes shift slightly on this deadly weapon. Some of the runes say, 'Let <player> walk with faith.'"

The Sword of Riija is created by assembling four sword parts together. To get these parts you need to do a few quests. If the sword breaks apart, three pieces will remain. You'll need to do the proper quest again to reassemble the sword.

Obtaining the sword[edit]

Once you got all of the four needed shards, the sword will appear in your inventory.

Getting the cross piece of the sword[edit]

Sword of Riija cross piece.png

Go visit Wulfgang zax'Ak. He's a merchant to the far side of the world and always needs some supplies. He will give you the part if you bring him the desired items.

  • You say, "Your inventory looks a little empty. May I help you with that?"

He asks you to bring some supplies then, which can be one of the following:

Getting the tip of the sword[edit]

Sword of Riija tip.png

Visit the Bone Priestess and ask her about the gods:

  • You say, "What can you tell me about Riija?"
  • The Bone Priestess tells you, "Wak-wak! Hedd of Pit Boss! Wak wak wa-ak!"

Now move into the orc caves and visit the Orc Pit Boss. After you killed him, cut off his head and return it to the priestess. She will reward you with the sword's tip. Keep in mind you'll need three players to enter the Lair of the Orc Pit Boss.

Getting the blade of the sword[edit]

Sword of Riija blade.png

Go visit Bahal zax'Ot. He is a wierd scientist, trying to find out more about dragonflies. If you ask him about their queens and do him a favor, he'll reward you with the sword's blade.

  • You say, "What is it all about those Kohuzotz?"
  • Bahal zax'Ot tells you, "I am always eager to experiment on my pets. If you bring me a live specimen, I might have something interesting to give you in return."

Now you need to get a Dragonfly Queen to Bahal. This is quite complicated since they are aggro against you, and other creatures in the jungle may try to kill her while on the way. Buy a few (10 or so..) Meat Pies, the queen loves those. If you give her one of them, she will follow you wherever you go. The queen only shows up at Cliff Hive. To ease your journey follow these hints:

  • Ask a Shal'ille priest to help you. He can cast Truce on every map, so no creatures are able to attack you or the queen
  • The Shal'ille priest may use Rescue after the queen follows him. He and the queen will appear in The Barking Monster, from there he only needs to get the queen through two complicated areas until he reaches the hut of Bahal. Infront of the hut, you give a Meat Pie to the queen so she follows you into the hut.
  • You say, "I've brought you the Kohuzotz!"
  • Bahal zax'Ot tells you, "Excellent. Good work, fair apprentice."

Getting the handle of the sword[edit]

Sword of Riija handle.png

Visit Hanla zax'Ta and talk to her about making arrows.

  • You say, "Hello, can you tell me more about making arrows?"

Hanla will give you two different quests:


Sold by[edit]

This item doesn't seem to be buyable.

Dropped by[edit]

This item doesn't seem to be lootable off creatures.